Seine Boat Rowing Cushions

With the rise in popularity of the Seine Boat as well as the gig rowing boat we can offer rowing cushions to suit the Seine Boat as well.

Many customers are delighted with the standard 7.5 cms thick gig cushion for use in the Seine rowing boat.

Some have requested a thinner cushion for Seine boat rowing. This we can offer in the 5 cms thickness if required. 

The dimensions of the Seine Boat cushion are 55cms long by 30 cms wide with a thickness of 5 cms

These thinner cushions are not held as a stock item so are made to order. As such they will require a longer delivery time.

Please contact us on 01803 832186 if you would like more information on the thinner cushion for Seine Boat rowing.

Seine Boat rowing cushions Seine Boat rowing cushions

Seine Boat rowing cushions

The Seine Boat rowing cushion. We offer a thinner wider cushion for some Seine Boat rowers who ...
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